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EDER Bark Beetle Mill

  • 385.02 GBP

The device is intended to score through the bark so that the bark borer's eating passages are blocked. Image © EDER – Maschinenbau GmbH

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Article Number: 090000
Supplier: Hodema edertools AB

EDER Bark Beetle Mill EBF - for scoring logs in order to deprive the bark beetle of its habitat.

After severe storm damage, forest protection measures to prevent an outbreak of bark beetle damage must be taken as soon as possible. The bark of felled timber must be peeled to destroy the habitat of the bark beetle. The peeling of the timber, however, prevents the ecological restoration of the forest and leads to a massive loss of biodiversity. As an alternative to complete de-barking, the EDER bark beetle mill enables you to score the logs. The bark beetle needs an area of approx. 5 cm² for its habitat. By scoring the logs, the habitat of the bark beetle is destroyed without severely restricting the ecological restoration of the forest. The EDER bark beetle mill has 4 knives that score the logs at a distance of 24 mm between each strip and thus allow a quick scoring of the entire log. The Eder bark beetle mill can be used as an attachment to a variety of chainsaws or can also be used as a complete device with a separate engine.


Technical Data:

Weight excluding motor 2.5 kg
Weight with EDER engine 7.8 kg
Drive performance min. 1.2 kW
Working width 120 mm
Knife width 4.5 mm
Number of knives 4
Max. Speed 13,000 1 / min
Ratio 1:1