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EDER Carving Cutter

  • 300.78 GBP

For milling out channels and recesses in wooden surfaces, e.g. when building log houses, children's playgrounds, wood carving work etc. Image © EDER – Masch

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Article Number: 130001-130005
Supplier: Hodema edertools AB

EDER Carving Cutter ESF-1 - the Carving tool is a great new way of sculpting wood. Grooves  and hollows can be easily and quickly cut.

The EDER Carving Cutter ESF-1 is designed for carving channels and grooves in wood. It can be used when building log cabins, children’s playgrounds, carving sculptures and similar projects. The milling head is fitted with two cutters. The adjustable minimum blade projection setting effectively prevents the log from splitting. The circular cutters create a groove with a smooth surface, without any vibrations. The milling head is designed to give high cutting performance with minimum effort.

Depending on which body unit is used, the motorized handset weighs approx. 8–9 kg.


Technical Data:

Weight excluding engine 2,0 kg
Weight with EDER-engine 7,8 kg
Min. required power 1,2 kW
Milling disc diameter  95 mm
Milling disc width  30 mm
Chain bar 320 mm
Number of Blades 2
Max. permissible speed 13.000 1/min
Ratio 1:1