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4. Roundsling max. 2 t

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Round lifting sling or web sling RS 2.0 to., green, L1 = 2 meters, circumference 4 meters. Image © EDER – Maschinenbau GmbH

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Article Number: 211305

Round lifting sling or web sling RS 2.0 t., green, L1 = 2 meters, circumference 4 meters, EN 1492-2

We present tape loop max. 2 t - which gives you the extremely safe and secure lifting solution for heavy loads. From its robust and resilient construction to its innovative design, sling max. 2 t is the best round sling available on the market today. Strap sling max. Constructed from only the most reliable long-lasting materials, the 2 t provides superior safety when lifting large objects or loads up to 2 meters in length with a 4 meter girth - perfect for any job site that requires heavy lifting capacity. You know at a glance that your equipment is of the highest quality thanks to this product's smart green color finish. But it's not just about looks! EN 1492-2 certification ensures that our product meets all European safety standards as well, giving you greater peace of mind during every job. If you're looking for advanced solutions for lifting heavy loads designed with an unwavering commitment to safety and reliability, look no further. longer than Tape loop max. 2 h! Get yours now and enjoy unparalleled convenience backed by exceptional quality today!

Color coding according to EN 1492-2 indicates whether the straight tensile capacity is suitable for the required loads. The working load rating (WLL) depends on the type of harness (direct, laced, wrapped around either one or two round harnesses).