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1-fold deflection pulley aluminum

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Offroad pulley 10 TO, for recovery kit with CE, for rope diameter 10 - 16 mm Image © EDER – Maschinenbau GmbH

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Article Number: 211307
Supplier: Hodema edertools AB

Deflection pulley aluminum 1.9 kg, payload: 5.5 t, max rope diameter: 9 mm -13 mm
Its two movable pulleys allow you to easily insert the rope between them, so that you can securely fix it in place before starting work. It is designed specifically to handle rope diameters between 9mm-13mm and is made to withstand even the harshest weather conditions nature can throw at it. On top of all this, we guarantee it will serve you faithfully for years to come - giving peace of mind to all forestry professionals out there!
The deflection pulley is the perfect addition to any forestry tool and we have several different sizes and models so you can find just the right one for your job. So why not invest in a product that will always get the job done? Our Deflection Pulley is the ultimate choice in terms of reliability and performance when it comes to working in the forest. Get your copy today!
The deflection pulley according to DIN 30754 is suitable for capstan winches from Eder and other manufacturers with a tractive load of up to 1.8 tons in forestry traction force (FTF = Forestry Traction Force). With three different variants, the pulling force can be increased by a factor of 7. Roll diameter for plastic ropes with a diameter of 13 mm is a maximum of 130 mm. rope speed 25 m/min. Side panels made of high-strength aluminium. Plastic roll.

Speed: 25m/min
Max rope diameter: 13 mm
Roll diameter: 130 mm
Direct traction: 1.8 t
Traction weight: 5.5 t
Manufacturer: Eder
Product type: Pulley
Weight with shackle: 1.9 kg
Weight without shackle 1.0 kg

Krafter som verkar på 1-faldig avböjningsremskiva

Intended use
• Your deflection rollers are only intended for traction in forest land.
• Use of synthetic ropes with a maximum rope diameter of 13 mm.
• Max traction force for the cable winch of 1.8t (FTF 1.8) at a maximum cable speed of 25m/min.
• Use of round textile harnesses and loop straps as fasteners, for example on the torso.

Structure and function of the aluminum deflection rollers
By diverting the cable around the pulley, the pulley is loaded with twice the pulling force of the cable winch for each deflection. If the single internal anchoring point, for example when setting up a pulley system, is also loaded, the simple traction force also has an effect here.
Consider the acting forces when choosing lifting slings and lifting tips.
FTF = Forestry Traction Force | AGV = 1.8 tonnes = 17.658 kN