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EDER - Powerwinch 400

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The fast one! We present the EDER-Powerwinch 400: the fast one!Image © EDER – Maschinenbau GmbH

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Article Number: 230000
Supplier: Hodema edertools AB

The Fast One!

The EDER Powerwinch 400 is characterized by its lightweight design, high speed functionality and low price. 

With a pulling speed of 42 m/ min, this winch boasts the highest speed of all the EDER-POWERWINCHES. It is driven by a powerful 2-stroke engine that can function efficiently in any given position. It can be operated using a lightweight synthetic rope of any length. The rope can be transported or stored with ease in the transport bag.

Product specifications:
400 kg capacity when used directly
with a pulling speed of 42 m / min
800 kg capacity when used with a pulley
with a pulling speed of 21 m / min

The Eder-Powerwinch 400 is designed so that the operator controls the device from a safe zone. The load is pulled by the operator carefully pulling the rope of the throttle control unit..

Rope brake

The rope brake ensures high safety during use! As soon as the operator releases the rope, the winch will stop, as the cable is held by the brake. This prevents the unintentional sliding back of the load, resulting in precise control over the movement of the load.

12 kg