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EDER Hydraulic Unit

  • 1,553.34 GBP

The EDER hydraulic unit is optimized for use with our hydraulic splitter. Image © EDER – Maschinenbau GmbH

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Article Number: 105000
Supplier: Hodema edertools AB

The EDER Hydraulic Unit has been optimized to use with our hydraulic splitting device. 

It is designed to provide an oil pressure and oil flow that will generate high power over a long period of time. The unit is powered by an efficient 4-stroke petrol engine with a power output of 4.8 kW (6.5 hp). The unit, which weighs approx. 30 kg, is built on a support frame that can be easily carried by one or two people. The hydraulic unit provides an oil flow of up to 12 liters per minute and oil pressure of 150 bar (max. 210 bar). This power output can be utilized by other applications in addition to the EDER Splitting Machine.