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EDER Felling Wedge

Have you ever dealt with an unpredictable tree, a problem tree so to speak? Or is it not so easy for them to fell trees? Edertools has the solution: the mechanical felling wedges.

Designed with ergonomics in mind, the felling wedges work mechanically and provide tremendous power to fell stubborn and unpredictable trees in the desired direction. Our felling wedges also work perfectly to make work easier for all types of trees, both for professionals and for the inexperienced. With their considerable lifting power, no logs are too big or too risky for them - no matter how much pressure is required

EDER felling wedge Titan 80 Pro with ratchet
EDER felling wedge Titan 80 Funk (radio controlled)
EDER felling wedge Titan 80 Pro without ratchet
EDER felling wedge Titan 50 without ratchet
EDER felling wedge Titan 50 with ratchet

The Titan 80, the original variant of a series of new models that will follow, makes felling easy and safe. Your hands and body will thank you as you use the wedge to eliminate any tendency to overexert yourself.

Say goodbye to the worry of chopping down a giant tree - with the exceptional capacity of the Edertools felling wedges, foresters, arborists and anyone else can get the job done without breaking a sweat or being in danger from falling branches! Get the model that suits your needs today and make your life easier and safer!